保险公司 Requirements for Graduation


在哈维马德, students take at least 11 保险公司 courses, though many students choose to take more. In the spring of the first year, 所有学生参加保险公司 010, “关键的调查,” a seminar introducing college-level writing, research and creative work in the 保险公司 disciplines. 除了保险公司 010,至少还需要10门完整的保险公司课程才能毕业. 学生 have considerable flexibility in choosing these additional courses, provided that all of the further requirements described below are satisfied. A “full” course refers to a course carrying three or four units of credit, although half- courses and one-unit courses may be combined to form a full course.

保险公司 010 is the department’s core course. 保险公司的教职员工还参与教授Harvey Mudd的两门跨电子游艺信誉排行榜核心课程, WRIT 001和CORE 079. These courses are not part of the 保险公司 program and do not satisfy the 保险公司 requirements described below; they are required elements of Harvey Mudd’s common core.


A. 浓度

To achieve depth and intellectual development in some area of the humanities, 社会科学或艺术, 每个学生必须在一个保险公司学科或公认的跨学科领域完成至少四门课程的集中, 从克莱蒙特学院提供的不同研究领域中选择(见批准的专业列表). 学生 must decide on a concentration area by their sixth semester. The concentration represents progress in a field of study, and even though that field might be interdisciplinary, the concentration should typically advance beyond introductory-level courses. 如果学生打算专注于本系教师未涵盖的领域,则应仔细计划他们的保险公司计划,以确保他们满足所有要求. Courses that form the concentration may also satisfy other 保险公司 program requirements.

学生应该与他们的指导老师一起工作,以确保他们的注意力包括对主题的智力方法的适当平衡. 例如, 导师通常会期望音乐专业至少包括两门不以表演为基础的课程. 外语专业通常只学习一门语言,不包括英语翻译文学课程. 浓度s in linguistics, ethnic studies or other interdisciplinary areas may, 在导师的同意下, include a maximum of two foreign language courses.

B. 分布

To achieve breadth within the humanities, 社会科学, 每个学生必须在五个不同的保险公司学科(如文学)中至少完成一门完整的课程(或同等学历), 经济学, 历史, 等等).

The appropriate distribution credit for a course depends on its discipline, as specified in the relevant college catalog or on the Harvey Mudd Portal. Disciplinary 历史 courses typically count within the parent discipline – that is, 艺术史也算艺术, music 历史 as music and so on.

该系的意图是,它提供的每门课程和它将从其他克莱蒙特学院接受的每门课程都可以算作满足分配要求. 为满足分配要求而修的课程也可用于满足保险公司计划的其他要求.

C. 写作要求

So that students can continue to enhance their writing skills, 除了保险公司 10之外,至少有一门保险公司课程必须涉及重要的写作. 在Claremont其他学院(或Claremont以外)开设的电子游艺信誉排行榜课程和保险公司课程都可以满足这一要求. The department’s website contains a list of the departmental courses with significant writing,还有 批准表格(PDF) 可以用来满足非学院保险公司课程的写作要求. 在一般情况下, a course satisfies this requirement if it assigns at least 5,000 words (or eighteen pages) of formal, 分段写, 不包括考试, 简短答题, email or online discussion contributions, 以及课堂写作.

D. 电子游艺信誉排行榜的要求

The 保险公司 department is responsible for ensuring that exploration of the humanities, 社会科学, 艺术是哈维马德社区生活中不可或缺的组成部分. 这意味着Harvey Mudd的学生和Harvey Mudd 保险公司的教师应该在一定程度上共同探索这些学科.

相应的, 除了保险公司 10之外,至少有四门课程必须与保险公司电子游艺信誉排行榜的教师一起学习. Remaining coursework may be done at the other Claremont Colleges, and the department encourages students to take advantage of this opportunity.


除了, 该系鼓励学生在他们的保险公司项目中包括课程,这代表了对文化多样性的接触, and it is committed to offering courses that meet this goal.

学生应该尽早计划他们的课程和策略,以满足保险公司的所有要求. 我们强烈鼓励学生每学期至少选修一门保险公司课程,以满足这些要求,并认识到人文学科的重要性, 社会科学, 艺术是电子游艺信誉排行课程的核心和持续的一部分. 该系每学期都尽量提供均衡的入门级课程和高级课程. 学生 may also arrange for independent study with individual faculty members, 在他们的许可下, to pursue particular interests that are not covered by regular courses.


少于三个单元的课程可以算作相当于一个完整的课程, 三元课程, 有一定的限制. For distribution or concentration credit, the courses aggregated must be the same or substantially similar. 例如,音乐会合唱团和室内合唱团的单元可以合并成一个课程. 然而, 音乐会、唱诗班和钢琴课一般不能合并分配或集中学分, as they represent substantially different experiences. 作为选修学分的课程,可以从不同的学科中汇总. In cases where a departmental course is combined with a non- departmental course, 如果课程中有一半或一半以上的单元代表与该电子游艺信誉排行榜的成员一起工作,则该课程将被计算为该电子游艺信誉排行榜.

Courses Not Accepted by the Department

Courses not in traditional liberal arts disciplines and courses in technology, 自然科学, 数学, and pre-professional fields may not be counted toward the 保险公司 curriculum, even if they are offered within traditional 保险公司 departments. Courses that do not count as 保险公司 include those in accounting, 航空航天, 工商管理, 批判性思维, 计量经济学, 电子游艺信誉排行, 逻辑, 管理, 军事科学, 神经科学(当内容主要在自然科学范围内时)和统计学. After the student’s first year, 保险公司顾问可以在适当的时候放弃这一限制,允许将此列表上的一门课程计入学生的专注度. (例如,逻辑课程可以算在哲学课程中.)

Special Circumstances and the Petition Process

而该系在课程设计上也做了大量的思考和考虑, 我们也认识到, 在某些情况下, 学生可能会因为自己无法控制的原因而难以达到毕业要求. 记住这一点, 本系将接受寻求例外或豁免特定要求的学生的请愿. 如果学生的请愿书是真诚的,长期努力完成电子游艺信誉排行榜的要求,但由于他们无法控制的原因而被阻止,那么委员会通常会优先考虑. Petitions can be submitted by using the 保险公司申请表格.